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Choosing the right color for your custom table

One of our goals at Lighthouse Woodworks is to craft a table that does exactly what you want it to do, for both the daily routines of your family life and for the aesthetic quality of your home. You may prefer your kitchen table to tuck into a corner, an unassuming and practical spot for weeknight dinners. You may have always dreamed of transforming your dining room with a showpiece, a striking symbol of community and sharing. Or, on a whim, you may choose a totally eclectic style to surprise the friends who thought they knew you! In any case, figuring out the right colors and patterns of wood, grain, and stain to complement your space will lead you to love the impression your table makes, each and every time you see it.

The decorative integrity of a room certainly relies on multiple factors. A thoughtful combination of colors, created by your furniture, flooring, cabinetry, and table base and table top, will attest to your taste and your preferences.


For Contrast

The various elements of your home—rugs, paint, furniture, accessories—do not have to match flawlessly in order to form an appealing effect. In fact, wood surfaces develop depth in color and texture naturally over time, and will continue to add to the richness of your décor, especially if your room contains a collection of wooden furnishings with different finishes.

Consider using a brighter table base or legs against dark flooring, or a table and set of chairs made entirely of honey-hued pine, against a room’s darker pieces of furniture. You might even ask us to paint the skirt and legs of your table white, while your tabletop retains its earthy tone. Match a set of light-backed maple chairs with a warm red top finished in natural oil—demonstrated by our Bass Harbor Farm Table set, featured in our Farm Table collection. We can also hand-oil maple legs to lend them a darker finish, and crown them with a walnut top.

Painting your walls a lighter shade could accentuate the contrasting effects in your room. However, keep in mind that too much dark furniture in a smaller room with light walls could cause the space to feel crowded.

At Lighthouse Woodworks, we will take any request for a custom color combination with pleasure, and invest our sincere efforts into producing the statement pieces that you desire.

For Blending

If you prefer a more streamlined appearance in your home, seek the answers to your design questions in the finishes of your furniture. The prominent hue in your finish will give you suggestions for wall color and accessories. For example, the medium brown tone of a stain might go best with walls painted a neutral taupe or green-tinged khaki. When you balance similar hues against one another, you create less contrast and more blending. Your handcrafted table won’t lose its identity in the midst of it all; it will simply retain a soft, understated impact.

To emphasize the beauty of your table without too much fanfare, try a more intricate base! The trestle-style pedestal of our Bakers Island Round Farm Table, for instance, is eye-catching, yet simple and functional. The turned legs of our Cape Ann Farm Table create an elegant but clean look.

It's Personal

Whatever color choices you make for your table, chairs, walls, and fabrics, these decisions should reflect your sensibilities, and how you want yourself, and your family members and friends, to feel in the room—energized, relaxed, entertained, intrigued...or simply at home.

Here are some ideas for winning wood and wall-color combinations:

  • A table with orange or yellow notes against yellow walls will produce a warm, even-toned atmosphere.
  • Wood with honey hues, paired with cool green walls, will stand out proudly in a room.
  • A white oak table matched with charcoal-gray walls serves to establish a sleek, contemporary look.
  • Wood with cherry tones, backdropped with red or terracotta walls, will surround your guests in a calming warmth.
  • Electric blue walls and accents can highlight a wood table’s orange tones—but make sure you’re ready for the intensity of this effect!

Talk to us about your existing color schemes, and we can make suggestions for table shapes, sizes, and styles. We at Lighthouse Woodworks are committed to collaborating with you!





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