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Every Custom-Built Live-Edge Wood Table from Lighthouse Woodworks is a Unique Piece of Art.

We don’t create them.  We only share them.

At Lighthouse Woodworks, our mission is to bring the beauty of natural wood – old-growth, reclaimed wood – to your home.  Our talent is seeing and showcasing the beauty of the tree in as natural a state as possible.  Our passion is matched with the skill and precision necessary to create our vision – unique, custom-built tables made of gorgeous wood with edges that follow their natural line.

We build our dining or kitchen tables from great live-edge slabs – hard to get, difficult to store, and expensive if you don’t know how to source high quality woods like American Black Walnut.  Luckily, we do – and we pass along the savings to our customers.

We work with only a few lumber yards in New England and the Mid-West to find natural edge slabs that meet our needs.  Many of our customers choose American Black Walnut, a hard, durable, lovely wood, harder than other walnuts – and more expensive, too.  Other woods we work with are English Elm, Ash and White or Red Oak.

Because of our expertise and long years of establishing relationships with quality lumber sources, we can keep costs reasonable.  That’s how we can offer beautiful, high-quality live edge wood tables for the same price as a traditional custom table.

We encourage our clients to come visit our shop, and they do.  Not just from the Boston area, where we’re located, but from all over New England.

We work personally with each customer.  We go over all the details, like wood species, leg options, styles, and different finish options.  We have lots of samples and examples, so we can show you exactly what you can expect.

Because our natural wood tables are all about showcasing the beauty of the wood, we recommend a natural oil finish.  It suits the style of our tables beautifully, and it also provides great protection with easy maintenance. It finishes like a varnish but can be maintained as easily as oil.

We take care every step of the way when we build your table.  We cut the slab, patiently grind and smooth and sand it; then refine it some more, and attach legs or a base.  We finish with a natural oil that bonds on a molecular level with the fibers in the wood, providing long-lasting protection.

We have found that metal bases or legs provide a great showcase for our wooden tables.  There’s a yin-yang about the metal and wood; they work very well together.

Lighthouse Woodworks is our passion, and our favorite part is delivering a client’s finished piece.  That’s right – we deliver most of our tables by hand, personally.  As our reputation is growing, we are getting more inquiries about delivery outside of the Boston area.  People have discovered our work, and love it.  We are happy say that we now can ship our tables.  All you have to do is attach the legs or base.

But when we deliver by hand, we get to see the reaction of our clients when they unwrap their live-edge dining or kitchen table.  We get to see that smile, and see how happy they are with the beauty of the piece, its quality, and the craftsmanship that went into it.

Because we adore good wood, we also care deeply about trees. We take a great deal of time and care sourcing our live-edge wood.  We visit each location to get an inside view of their process.  Our sourcing excursions have taken us all over New England, as well as Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan.

As much as possible, we source our live-edge wood from reclaimed sources like logs that would otherwise have gone to waste.  It’s important to us that our wood slab tables don't contribute to deforestation.

We see our work as presenting the beauty of the wood to you.  Since the wood we use has not been cut and scraped into uniformity like typical lumber, each piece is unique. You can see this when you look at different types of wood.

And with a natural edge table, you can see the grains and the lines of the tree that it came from.  We want you to see all of the wood’s natural beauty, in as authentic a manner as possible.

We believe nature is beautiful the way it is and does not need to be improved upon.  That’s why, of all the custom wood tables that we build, the live edge and reclaimed tables will always be (secretly!) our favorites.


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