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How to buy custom tables for your restaurant

While ambience might not be the primary reason why we choose a restaurant, thoughtful theming and décor play important roles in our enjoyment of a dining experience. Small, intimate tables and candlelight contribute to the romance of a wedding anniversary. Bench-style seating and country music add to the hearty feel of a barbecue joint. Aluminum trimming and old-fashioned jukeboxes set a retro tone for a 1950s diner. And similarly, our Nantucket Beacon Oak tables might create the perfect balance between historic charm and beach chic for a Cape Cod bistro. You may have never considered turning to Lighthouse Woodworks to furnish your restaurant space...but now is the time!

We can offer suggestions for how to enhance the ambience that you already have, or assist you in dreaming up an entirely new atmosphere. You might like the idea of a clean, synchronized look, and decide that multiple farm tables in the same size and stain will give your dining area an air of order. On the other hand, you could try an array of table and chair styles for a more eclectic, causal feel. No matter your preference, our tables will represent your aesthetic.

n addition, we take the practical requirements and limitations of your space into consideration. We understand that the goal is to maximize occupancy seating while ensuring that customers can navigate the room comfortably. One of our specialties is constructing tables for patrons with disabilities; we know that a table must be 30 inches high in order for a 27-inch wheelchair to fit beneath it. Don’t hesitate to share with us the needs of the people who frequent your restaurant so that we can brainstorm options to guarantee their return, again and again.

At Lighthouse Woodworks, we build tables to last. Our products resist the wear and tear of everyday use and stay strong, durable, and beautiful for years to come. We offer a yearly maintenance program to touch up any damages so that your tables keep their pristine appearance. Years after you purchase your tables, if you decide that you need more, we can craft the new ones to match the originals. Ultimately, Lighthouse Woodworks strives to make furniture that is both stunning and sturdy enough to pass down, either to the younger generations in your family or to the entrepreneurs next in line to run your restaurant. You can count on our furniture’s longevity to carry on your professional and personal traditions.

When you invite your customers to sit down at one of our high-quality tables, you are not simply giving them a place to eat—you are sending the message that you value their patronage, their time, and their relationships with the loved ones that are joining them. You are demonstrating your commitment to providing exemplary food and service. And you are signaling your investment in the success of your business. Selecting Lighthouse Woodworks to furnish your restaurant means declaring your passion for what you do, and sharing that passion with the world.



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