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Our two founders, Daniel and Lucas, first met two decades ago through the friendship of their fathers. Despite growing up in different states they managed to maintain a friendship over the years, and as fate would have it, they both moved to a city other than where they grew up: Boston.

Lucas had become a carpenter, learning the trade from his father who owned a successful business building and installing custom kitchens. From leading all the projects in the family workshop, Lucas expanded into the more artistic side of the trade, designing and building furniture. Daniel had become a businessman, specializing in sales and customer relations, and as a dad of three boys, he’d also developed a joy for building projects for - and with - his kids.  

Lucas and Daniel found themselves in similar situations; they were husbands, dads, craftsmen. Both had a passion for their industries, but with new babies on the way, they were inspired to do more. Late night “what-ifs” turned into “maybe this could be a thing.” A long-distance friendship became a partnership, and their “what-ifs” blossomed into Lighthouse.



We created Lighthouse in order to provide custom, handcrafted furniture that’s built to last - and to last through the daily wear-and-tear of family life. As a family-oriented company we believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice design or quality for accessibility. And just as every family is different, our furniture is custom made to accommodate your different wants and needs.

Furniture is special because it’s what turns our houses into homes. The crib in the first baby’s room, the dining table and chairs set for your first holiday meal - these are memorials in our lives, moments we will never forget. And to be able to have that furniture forever, to pass those pieces down to your children, is like being able to pass that love from one generation to the next. We’re excited to start a conversation with you and see what we can build for your family.


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Remember where you came from!.. We have worked our butts off over the past year and really set goals and exceeded them! Success only comes from working hard and focusing on what the priorities really Are! Hard work pays off. About a year and a half ago we were working building projects in this small garage in Quincy. We had dreams and constantly made sure we were working twords them. Since then we've moved to a shop where we have roughly 4000 sq ft of workspace. Machines are getting upgraded and the shop is growing! We continuesly follow that dream and never stop working hard! We're now on our 6th employee and were going strong! I'm so excited to see where we are in the following year!

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