What is Live Edge?

What is Live Edge?


Are you looking for trendy, edgy furniture? If you have answered yes to this question, you have come to the right place! Lighthouse Woodworks sells high-end live edge furniture pieces. If you are an outdoors type of person, and you want this reflected in your home, this furniture style is what you need. The theme is gaining traction within interior design circles; the majority of people are not familiar with it, so we are going to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions about live edge type furniture.

What do I Need to Know About Live Edge?

All table tops, desks, and shelves come in a particular shape; well, live edge is now one of the many shapes that a piece of furniture can come in. These pieces are uniquely designed without taking away from the edge’s natural appearance. Live edge wood has been crafted by hand, this includes the coating, staining, and finishing and we then use it to build our furniture. There are no changes made to the original look and texture of the wood; however, we fill in any knots so that the furniture surface is even, but the authentic look of the wood remains the same.

What is the Secret Behind Live Edge Slabs?

The majority of people have never heard of live edge wood, but the name is being thrown around in interior design circles and people are catching on to it. In case you were wondering why it's gaining so much traction, the answer is because of its natural and unique quality. People are tired of everything looking the same, and they want to incorporate something unique and dynamic into their homes. When it comes to wood cutting, there is a very specific skill to it, and most craftsmen have been trained to cut away the natural edge as well as the bark. However, when those lines are left, they preserve the natural look of the wood. Contrary to popular belief, logs or wood slabs with live edges can be used to build furniture and to decorate your home.

Each piece of live edge furniture has it own unique star quality, no two chairs, tables or footstool look the same. They are like siblings who look alike, you can tell they have the same parents, but they each have their own unique look. Also, live edge has managed to combine authentic looking wood with the same style and sophistication of modern furniture pieces. Live edge furniture lasts just as long as our other pieces, they are also handmade, and all crafted from the most superior quality solid wood.

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Is Live Edge Furniture Sustainable in the Long Run?

The term “one man's trash is another man's treasure” is certainly applicable when it comes to live edge furniture. It is made out of wood that had been discarded as not fit for use. When wood that has been left to rot is used to create a work of art, everyone benefits, and that includes the environment. This is because live edge furniture is not made from freshly cut down trees, but from trees that had already been cut down. If you are a consumer who makes purchases based on the effect that products are having on the environment, you can rest assured that live edge furniture is the perfect option for you.


How Diverse is Live Edge?

Live edge is extremely diverse, for the creative mind, there are plenty of things that can be done with it. Some buyers like to hang it up as an art display, but as you have read, it is also used to make a wide range of furniture pieces. They are made into doors, chairs, tables, benches, mantles and countertops. Also, if you are an architectural designer or an interior designer, live edge wood is also used for desks, bar tops and coffee tables. It is also used in coffee shops, restaurants, bars and office buildings.

Is There any Variety in Style?

When it comes to style, live edge wood is the best you are going to get. Each piece of wood has its own unique original style that has not been tampered with. This uniqueness becomes even more apparent when looking at different types of wood. There is a combination of the live edge as well as the specific design of the furniture piece. In general, most people appreciate natural beauty, if you are a lover of nature, you will definitely have a preference for live wood. Think about it like this, what looks better, a woman who has spent thousands of dollars on plastic surgery to enhance her beauty? Or a woman who is naturally beautiful without all the trimmings? Most people would opt for the latter.

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What is Natural Edge Wood?

Wood can’t get any more natural than live edge, once the bark has been cut, the underneath of the wood is exposed, live edge wood leaves the lines intact leaving the wood in its raw and natural state. In case you were wondering, George Nakashima put live edge wood on the map in the 1940’s, since then, it has grown in popularity and has become the preferred wood for home furniture.

Our craftsman have an eye for detail, they are also skilled at hand picking each individual piece of wood, and they make sure that they go for the best. This is what provides our furniture with its superior finish.


Are There Different Types of Live Edge Wood? What is Bookmatched?

This is a good question! The word bookmatched (also known as sequenced lumber) refers to a specific process during the design phase. If you ever have the pleasure of looking inside a tree, you will find that there are boards or flitches that face each other, when they are pulled apart, the process is referred to as bookmatched. A thick piece of flich is known as a slab. When a piece of live edge wood has been bookmatched, not only does it look stunning, it also adds another dimension and consistency to it.

What Process do You use for Bookmatched Live Edge Wood?

Our bookmatched lumbar slabs are in high demand and there is a specific milling and drying process that is used for them. This process allows buyers to select the right slab for their furniture. In every item description, we make a note of the crotch slabs that are kept together, the wood quality, its shape and the process used.

What are the Origins of Live Edge Wood?

Live edge wood has got a long and convoluted history that’s actually quite interesting. As briefly mentioned earlier, it was made popular by an architect called George Nakashima, in 1946, he designed a series for a company called Knoll. Nakashima had a love for everything natural, and he would incorporate this style into his designs.

Homes made between 1940 and 1965 were some of the most desirable during the whole of the nineteenth century. The love for that style, has remained until this day, but why live edge furniture has become so popular today is a little obscure. The thing is that it has been in existence since the beginning of time, but popular interior design TV shows has given live wood the exposure that it deserves.

Another benefit of live wood tables is that despite the fact that there is nothing modern about them, they still blend well in contemporary spaces. Additionally, it doesn’t only fit into a modern setting, live edge wood also works well when you are trying to create a more traditional look. If you want to visualize what we are saying, think about a cabin or a ski lodge to give you a better idea of what traditional might look like.

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Is Live Wood Really That Great?

I would like to answer yes to this question, but this answer really depends on individual preference and style. Some people are going to love it because they have an eye for it, and others may not because they don’t have an eye for it. Those who believe in the Monica Gellar ideology might dislike it and wouldn’t want it anywhere near their home. But those who love styles that were popular during the mid-century are going to love it.

What if I Decide I Want a Live Edge Dining Table?

Then you’ve made a good choice. It is advised that you get your dining table custom made as this will give you more design options. You will be able to choose the wood, as well as have an input into how you want it designed. Each slab has its own unique look, the wood in all its glory, lumps, bumps and all are used to create a wonderful piece of art. However, when having your table custom made, you can decide what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of. An additional benefit is that the wood is available in a specific natural and unique shape, and the craftsman at Lighthouse Woodworks can work with this to produce the perfect dining table.

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