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What Is a Live-Edge Table?

One of the reasons that we went into the business of creating hand-crafted wooden tables is this – and it may sound hokey, but it’s true:  We are in awe of the beauty of natural wood.

There’s nothing like a piece of real wood.  Literally: each piece is unique, with its own special grain pattern and color.  When we create a table from old-growth, reclaimed wood, we coax the wood into the shape we want, and as we carve the piece, we reveal the beauty within.  No two tables that we create are ever exactly the same.

One of the table styles we like best is our live-edge tables.  By creating a table with the wood’s natural edge intact, we further honor and showcase the beauty of the tree.  Instead of a straight edge to your table, the tabletop of a life-edge table follows the natural shape of the wood.  This seemingly small detail adds a surprising amount of depth and warmth to how the piece is experienced.

Live-edge tables can be bold, or subtle.  They can range from rustic thick slabs with the bark intact, to refined tables whose live-edge lends an organic and artistic look.  But they all retain the natural shape of the wood at their edges.

Live-edge wood tables aren’t very common.  It takes more time, more individual attention, and more patient care, to work with the natural shape of the wood.  But we think it’s worth it.  There’s a feeling you get when you run your hand over the natural edge of the table.  We think it brings us, for a moment, closer to nature, and we believe it brings a sense of piece, harmony and tranquility.

But maybe that’s just us.  Why don’t you try it for yourself and see?

Custom Reclaimed Wood Live Edge Tables

Custom Reclaimed Wood Live Edge Tables



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