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What to Expect with Reclaimed Wood

If you have ever had the opportunity to own an old house, you understand and learn to appreciate the uniqueness that comes along with it. Many homeowners today try to match the mystique of old homes. One of the most popular ways that you can bring some old home charm to your house is to find reclaimed wood. 

Reclaimed wood brings a deep beauty and classic look to a home that only used wood can bring.  But, if you have ever experienced trying to find reclaimed wood, you already understand what a challenge it can be to find. People who typically decide to remodel using reclaimed wood use it for more reasons than its natural beauty. 

Reclaimed Oak Round Table

Let’s take a look at four reasons why someone may decide to add reclaimed wood to their renovations:

Environmentally Friendly

People will be giving this wood a whole new life in their home. Since farms only grow trees that grow quickly, these trees would never have a chance to develop an ecosystem. By not using these kinds of trees, you are opening up a new life to the reclaimed wood.

Age and Character

The age and character of old-growth wood cannot be duplicated.  This kind of wood is strong and durable because it survived in an environment where it had to fight for nutrients and sun. And, like a fine wine, this wood only gets better as it ages. You can expect to see the true color of the wood brought out in your home.

Not Common

Old grown wood is not common or available anymore. There are regulations now on different types of species of the tree from being harvested. Finding this type of wood would add character to your home because you just don’t see that kind of wood anymore.  Reclaimed oak and walnut at a distinctness that cannot be matched.


This wood brings with it a story.  It will be something that others will immediately notice upon entering your home and will certainly have high praise for the beauty that they see. Reclaimed wood has a history that you get to preserve. The good news is that even though this wood is hard to find, it is easier to obtain than it once was. Reclaimed wood isn’t as expensive as it once was.  Most buyers can purchase wood for $5-$20 per square foot, depending on the type of wood you want. If you search online for “reclaimed wood”, “reclaimed lumber”, or “reclaimed timber”, you should be able to find local shops that contain this kind of wood.  Make sure that the dealers are guaranteeing their products and selling them at reasonable prices.  Many people may try to make a quick buck by telling you it is reclaimed wood. 

Reclaimed wood chair

Since the wood is likely to have been cut from a large beam, it will also be planed and kiln-dried.  This is all done to make sure that the wood doesn’t warp. The dealer should agree to scrub the wood clean and spot and take out any hidden nails. Once it has been dried, it could take up to a year before it is ready to be used. Purchasing reclaimed wood will require some patience. In the end, you will be left with a masterpiece. 

Think of how gorgeous a reclaimed custom table would look in your dining room. The reclaimed wood will provide more for you than you could ever imagine. You would be able to bring in that old home feel into your new home by adding a rustic touch of class that people desire. It will truly define the character of your home.


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