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What makes the difference between a dull event and an amazing one?

As always, it’s the details.

There’s a lot going on when you’re planning an event.  It can get overwhelming.  But the best place to start is by creating your setting.

An event – or a successful one – is like a piece of theater.  As the director, you have to set the stage.  It’s the first and most important thing, because it creates the mood for everything that follows.

If your setting is dull, beginning with the same sad disposable tablecloths covering cheap folding plastic tables, well, you are already setting expectations very low.  Drab, generic furnishings create an emotional obstacle that you’ll have to work hard to overcome, if you want to avoid a drab event.

But if you want to convey the message that this event ROCKS, that this is something special, something to be excited about, then we’ve got your back.  Imagine your event space furnished with drop-dead gorgeous hardwood tables and cocktail bars.

Statement tables from Lighthouse Woodworking command attention.  They are solid and sturdy, with beautiful natural grain patterns, meticulously finished.  They stand out.  People notice them.  They gravitate toward them.  They want to touch them.

Imagine your event space with these distinctive hardwood tables and bar.  No cheap plastic or paper tablecloths.  This is not a five-year-old’s birthday party.  These tables look elegant and luxurious, creating an upscale setting.  Your guests will pick up on the feeling the instant they arrive.

In case you don’t know us, Lighthouse Woodworks creates handcrafted reclaimed wood furniture, including farm tables and live-edge tables, in styles from rustic to refined.  Every piece is built by hand; no two are the same.  Take a look at our catalog of pieces available for rental.  We bet you’ll fall in love.

With our distinctive tables and bar setting the stage, the buzz will be there from the start of your event.  Once people see that this is an exceptional setting, they’ll be primed for an exceptional event.

It’s all about the details.  Get the setting right, and the rest will follow.

Exceptional furnishings, for exceptional people.  Available for rent, at Lighthouse Woodworks.



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