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At Lighthouse Woodworks, our tables have a story to tell.

Your home is a special place, like no other.  Everything in it has meaning for you.  You have taken care to create a space where family and friends feel welcome and warm, and where people love to get together to laugh, tell stories, and enjoy each other.

Many family memories take place around meals.  We gather around the table every day to re-connect; we get together for holidays, and we create family bonds.

A beautiful, handcrafted wooden table creates a warm setting for these moments.  But maybe you want something even more.

Custom Furniture Boston Massachusetts

Wouldn’t you like a showcase piece of furniture – your big kitchen or dining room table – to be as unique as you and your family are?  Maybe you wish you could have something truly special, fitting for the central gathering point of your home.

Lighthouse Woodworks creates truly unique furniture.  Each piece is different, and each has a story to tell.

At Lighthouse Woodworks, our passion is discovering and giving new life to reclaimed wood.  The beauty of the old-growth wood, combined with our skill, artistry, and respect for the material, combine to create remarkable pieces of furniture unlike any other.

Each piece has a story to tell.  For most of them, it’s a story of three lives.

The first life of our reclaimed-wood furniture is the long, long life of a tree.  We search for sources of reclaimed wood all over New England and the Midwest, searching for sources that meet our standards.

The reclaimed wood has centuries of history behind it.  Usually, from “slow-growth” trees, the wood may be 100 to 200 years old, and has character and patina that is impossible to fake or duplicate.

The reclaimed wood we choose may be from old barns, creek bridges, or other structures.  We select only strong, dense wood.  When you look at this wood, its rings and grain tell its history.  When you touch it, you’re touching part of history.  If you listen carefully, you may even hear the wood whisper to you…. Well, maybe that’s just us being sentimental.

But the story of the wood is there to see.  Its unique pattern of rings and grains tell of its first life as a tree in the old-growth forest.  Its weathering and patina tell of its second life, perhaps on a farm as barn, or bridge.  And now, it comes to you as a gathering table, to bring the warmth of nature into your home. 

In addition to our old-growth, reclaimed wood, we also select exceptional new-growth hardwoods, such as Walnut, Cherry, Ash, and Oak, so we can offer the most choices for our customers.

When we work with a client, we invite them to come visit our shop to discuss wood species, table styles, and different finish options.  Because we are so proud of our beautiful wood, we highly recommend a natural oil, to let the wood speak for itself.

Our craftsmen can build any design a client has in mind.  We have extensive style-books for ideas and inspiration.  We work closely with our clients to create just what they’re hoping for.

Once we have the final design, we get to work.  We take great care so everything is done beautifully.  We plan out each piece; we joint and fit meticulously, and we refine and finish until the piece has that subtle glow of gorgeous wood.

I have to confess that before each piece leaves our workroom, I put my hands on it to say goodbye.

Finally, we get to deliver the finished piece to our customer.  This is the best part! Unwrapping the customer's new table, chairs, bench, and seeing their delighted smile. 

When customers tell us how happy they are with the quality and craftsmanship of their furniture, we know that we’ve achieved our goal.

At Lighthouse Woodworks, we make furniture with a story to tell.  Invite one of our “old friends” into your home, and let it be part of your own story.

And let me know if it speaks to you.


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