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In the same way that the furnishings in your home testify to your personal tastes and priorities, the ones that you choose for your workspace set a tone and make an impression.  Considering a new table for your kitchen or dining room may seem like a no-brainer when you are seeking a style upgrade. But what about investing in a custom piece for your office? We at Lighthouse Woodworks can provide you with a high-end, handcrafted alternative to the kind of mass-produced (and frankly, unremarkable) desk that you’ll find in the offices of your colleagues and competitors! Below, we give you five reasons for why you should entertain the possibility.



Reason #1: Motivation to Work Harder and Better

We all know that it’s difficult to be productive in a space that doesn’t align with our needs for organization and inspiration. Well, a custom table can provide just the right conditions for success! In fact, our products are pure representations of diligent, hard work, as we spend tireless hours treating the wood with care and shaping it to meet our customers’ specifications. The clean canvas of a high-gloss walnut tabletop could be the perfect place for you to spread out with your plans for a groundbreaking project. The rustic feel of the Cape Ann or Clarks Point Farm Table might transport you back to the spirit of early New England, when hardy colonists dedicated their hearts and souls to developing this country. Whatever your taste, whatever your needs for size and style, a table from Lighthouse Woodworks will help you to reach your goals with confidence and efficiency.


Reason #2: A Collaborative Vibe

Just imagine the reaction of a client, walking into your office to the unexpected sight of one of our warm-toned farm tables. This client most likely envisioned sitting in front of your desk, a potentially imposing object that asserts individual authority and forms a barrier. On the contrary, a table fosters an atmosphere of teamwork and equality, a reminder of what it means to gather together and negotiate fair terms. A table also conveys the friendliness of home. The personal touch of a Lighthouse Woodworks custom piece can only strengthen your professional relationships by welcoming your clients into your workspace, demonstrating your appreciation of their time, and inviting them to collaborate with you.


Reason #3: Proof of Your Professionalism

We all judge others on first least once in a while. Occasionally, our initial reactions turn out to be inaccurate, but most of the time, we find that trusting our instincts is the smarter route to take. Picture yourself entering the office of an entrepreneur you’d like as your business partner, or a vendor from whom you are planning to purchase services. What do you hope to see? What features of the office would instill faith in you that this professional was serious, thoughtful, and future-minded when it came to their company? Cobwebs in the corner or outdated wallpaper would probably cause you to doubt this professional’s—well, professionalism. Now, think about the message that a custom table from Lighthouse Woodworks would send. People know whether a piece of furniture has come from the IKEA factory or from the woodshop of masterful local artists. By recognizing the beauty and dignity of a custom-built table in your office, they are truly seeing who you are.


Reason #4: Less Stress and Greater Connection

Just as nature can serve as both a calming and energizing source, one of our tables can have both a peaceful and stimulating effect on your professional work. So many offices these days use an ultra-modern, streamlined and sterile aesthetic. Studies have shown that working in an environment that includes natural elements reduces a person’s heart rate and blood pressure, but also sharpens attention and concentration. We at Lighthouse Woodworks can ensure that our tables, made from reclaimed wood, will contribute a comforting, organic feel to your space and help you to focus. Plus, choosing your own slab of wood and your own design gives you ownership and connection to the table that will “live” in your office. We use various kinds of wood, from birch to mahogany to white pine, and our wood slabs come from all over the country. It’s touching to know that the table beneath you has a story, and that it has played a role in the rich history of our land.


Reason #5: Improved Health for You and the Environment

In addition to reducing stress, furnishings made from reclaimed wood release fewer toxins into the air than mass-produced furnishings do. Many manufacturers still use formaldehyde, flame-retardant chemicals, and water and stain repellents in their products. Keep in mind that an old desk that you have inherited from a family member or friend might not be up to current manufacturing standards. Though studies may be inconclusive when it comes to the extent of these chemicals’ ramifications, why take the chance? Beyond its multiple short-term health benefits, reclaimed wood is a “green” material that allows for sustainability and leaves behind less of an ecological footprint.


As always, feel free to contact Lighthouse Woodworks to discuss your options. We will honor the dimensions of your workspace and the nuances of your style, and build you an office table that takes your professional status to the next level!





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