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The Lighthouse "River Table"

When you buy a table from a high-profile furniture chain, you may not think of the time, physical effort, and artistic care that a team of experts has invested in crafting that table. It’s even harder to imagine that the wood of that table was born in the wild and not in the assembly line of a factory. On the contrary, when you look at one of Lighthouse Woodworks’ most stunning creations—our river table, or river epoxy table—you immediately recognize the seamless union of raw nature and masterful human skill.

We build our river table using live edge slabs, usually of either walnut or maple burl. The wavy grain patterns of walnut and the irregular swirls and clusters in maple burl lend the wood a deep complexion and cause the impression of motion. When we pour epoxy into the gap between the slabs, the result is a “river” that flows between two “banks.” The effect brings a rich, earthy, rustic style to your kitchen or dining room. Lighthouse Woodworks can make this “river” in any color you’d like, from a sleek matte black, to a glistening amber, to an oceanic turquoise.

We use high-caliber Ecopoxy Resins to ensure that your river table maintains its smooth, scratch-free, durable quality for years to come. Some options are UVPoxy, Liquid Plastic, GloPoxy, and Color Pigments. Depending on the epoxy, you can give your “river” a clear, tinted, luminescent, iridescent, or marbleized appearance.

The good news is that unlike a forest tree that needs decades to grow, your river table can be ready in about three days—the time it takes for us to shape the slabs, pour the epoxy, and sand and apply finish to the wood. Because every piece of wood is unique, we must price our tables individually based on the look you’d like to accomplish. The size of your table will determine the number of liters of epoxy required as well as the amount of labor necessary. You will also need to take into account the cost of the metal legs, which are the most popular choice for this table design. All in all, the price for a custom river table can range between $4000-$4500.

Because your river table will represent your special tastes and preferences, we believe that you should select your own live edge slabs, if you can. But please don’t hesitate to ask us for assistance in this process! As we have indicated in the “Live Edge Tables” section of our website, we recommend Berkshire Products out of Sheffield, MA.  

Our Lighthouse Woodworks team would be honored to build you your very own river table, a statement piece that pays tribute to the deep-rooted beauty of nature.


Those colors! What do you think about this in a dining table?!

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Very satisfying! I really have been enjoying these epoxy pours!

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Those colors! What do you think about this in a dining table?!

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